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About Empathy Yurtunts



"Family and Children" Art Drawing Contest Announcements

CIM, "by Emphaty world" with the company, "Family and Children" art contest announced. Detection of children and young people interested in painting and creativity, harmony, friendship and warm heart Competition for the purpose of distribution to the public.

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YOU On EYeSh ready?

Zirve training center of the joint graduate school, middle schools, "EYeSh you willing to do?" Organizing of tests.

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"Family and Children" Art Drawing Contest Announcements


CIM, "by Emphaty world" with the company, "Family and Children" art contest announced. Detection of children and young people interested in painting and creativity, harmony, friendship and warm heart Competition for the purpose of distribution to the public.

raldaand hard copies from the 15th of this month to celebrate the end of the 15th "by Emphaty Universe" at the company's reception. Race results 2015 declared by e-mail www.peacebridge.info award ceremony. For prize fund of middle age: (11-17 years old) First place: MNT 300 000 Second place: MNT 150 000 Third place: 75 000 MNT early age: (up to age 10) First place: MNT 150 000 Second place: MNT 100 000 Third place: MNT 50 000 No. 4-10 locations of all categories is a special prize. After racing the best pictures in the exhibition, which works to return from "Peace and Friendship Bridge" is the property of the NGO. The contestant stated theme, A2, A3 size vatus balyn and oil pastels on paper with a pencil drawing, artwork should be submitted within the time specified. One is able to participate in the creation of one of the parties.



In the 21st century due to the fact that science is at its peak, people are in need of information and education more than ever. Along with the necessity of starting life with the right choices, providing a safer, happier and brighter tomorrow to the residents of the world, Empathy yearns to produce well-educated generations, and reach advanced civilizations. The road to this starts with a good education..

Empathy schools


Empathy Press

Book is mental food.

Elite International School

Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary and High School.


Represent Mongolia.


Within the laws and regulations of Mongolia, contribute to the education and culture of the country and train our students to develop globalized values while remaining respectful to their own culture and country..


-Not causing any ideological, political, or religious polarization. -Not discriminating anyone by religion, language or race, thus believing everyone to be equal. -Employees following basic moral principles such as honesty, compassion, kindness, love, respect, loyalty, trustworthiness, tolerance and modesty as a foundation. -To participte in good deeds and charities. -To see the education and training activities that we do as a service to humanity, not as a gate to profit..

"Love and knowledge from one point"

Empathy schools

We are proud of the international culture we have created here, which is designed to respond to the new educational imperatives of globalization, technology, and the development of each child’s creativity. Our schools are for families who believe that education must address these imperatives while preserving essential values from the past..

Empathy Press

Our work

Empathy was established under the Educational institutions for only publication reason. Empathy is where our students are unformed about education opportunities within Mongolia as well as opportunities abroad. Empathy publishes a magazine called “New Universe” every three months.Empathy publishing company continues with its activities and publications not only to enhance the culture, education and knowledge of the Mongolian people but also to influence students to become individuals with morals and ethics that are useful to society. Empathy has gained e special place in the hearts of Mongolia’s with the publications of books like personal developments, social relations, family and book on raising kids. 128 books that were published by Empathy up until now has always been or the top of the chart for best seller books in Mongolia. The book “education stories” was published in 2009 and ever since its publication it has been in the top 5 best seller books..

For information

We can provide a variety of timely information regarding any promotions and discounts exhibition.

Step forwarding is an absolute success.


Empathy Schools, where love and learning come together, continue their rapid ascent in international school rating.Our schools have been chosen as the best schools in Mongolia by the Ministry of Education with the successes in Olympiads, the results of University Entrance Exams and also with our graduates studying at the best universities not only in Mongolia but also all over the world..

Mongolian Turkish Schools were opened in Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan and Bayan-Olgii.
Ulaanbaatar Mongolian Turkish High School was opened
Ulaanbaatar Mongolian Turkish High School was moved to Orkhon Province and renamed as Orkhon Mongolian Turkish School.
Empathy Publishing, Counseling and Training Center was established.
Empathy started to publish books.
Ulaanbaatar Elite International School was opened.
UEIS became a member of COBIS
UEIS accepted as a CIE
UEIS became a member of ECIS
UEIS became a member of CIS
Elite Kids Preschool and Kindergarten was opened
Elite accredited as IB school.
Mongolian Turkish Schools are selected as best school 2012 in chingiss.mn
Mongolian Turkish Schools are selected as best school 2012 in hunnu.mn
In 2012, 2013 Best School of Bests of Mongolia (chingiss.mn)
In 2006 and 2007 Ulaanbaatar MTS and in 2007 Orkhon MTS were awarded “The most successful school of the year”.
In Darkhan MTS was awarded the “National Productivity” and giving a golden medal by the President of Mongolia.
In 2004-2005 school years Ministry of Education has awarded five of our teachers with the medal of “The Head Teacher”.
In 2004-2005 Our School was awarded as the Best school that proteets their students.
In Awarded as the investor of Younger Generation and Education
In Darkhan MTS, in 2008 Ulaanbaatar MTS, in 2010 Orkhon MTS were awarded for “The best managed School” and “The best administrator school”.

With us


It is our pleasure to introduce you to our company Empathy Yurtunts, including Mongolian Turkish Schools which we are celebrating its 20th annivesary, Ulaanbaatar Elite International School, Elite Kids Kindergarten and Empathy Publishing, Counseling and Education Center..

Бэлэн хувцас, бөс бараа, нэхмэл, сүлжмэл эдлэл зэрэг үйл ажиллагаа явуулдаг бизнес эрхлэгчдийн холбоо.


Хүмүүнлэгийн байгууллага

Хэн ч байхгүй юу

Монгол турк сургууль төгсөгчдийн дунд үйл ажиллагаа явуулдаг

МТС төгсөгчид

Турк үндэсний чанартай, найдвартай, амттай хоолоор таньд үйлчилнэ.

Istanbul cafe

Ажилчдад зориулсан англи хэлний сургалт, TOEFL-д бэлтгэх сургалт ,Төрийн байгуулагын шалгалтанд бэлтгэх


Элит сургуулийн төгсөгчдийн дунд үйл ажиллагаа явуулдаг.

Элит төгсөгчид

Энх тайван нөхөрлөлийн гүүр

peace bridge

тайлбар одоогоор байхгүй байна



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